Public access point – restricts certain freedom to information – “Political/Advocacy Groups” are BLOCKED in Round Rock, TX at a public access point at Mac Haik.


Block reason: Forbidden Category “Political/Advocacy Groups”

The above website was blocked.

The reason is because SONIC WALL admin has decided to restrict “Political advocacy groups. ”

Since, it’s supposed to be public access, as long as it’s not to websites that are pornographic or riddled with violence, access should not be a problem.  This is restriction to specific type of communication.

I suppose that this is legal, but, really, it’s telling as to the atmosphere the we live in.  The soviet union had started with similar idioms of restricting types of communication.  I’m just surprised that a place in Texas would prohibit it.  Texas is not a known haven for liberals, although Austin is.  The outskirts of Austin are usually just the opposite, though.

Sitting at Mac Haik in Round Rock, TX.

I’m getting my oil change and had a comment come in on my blog from”chris”. I click to the link he or she sent for me to check out and it’s blocked.

FREE REPUBLIC is blocked?

I decided to go and see if porn sites were blocked.

They were, but female genital mutilation was not

I decided to test some others on my list: — blocked — not blocked — not blocked

These are only some of the PUBLIC sites that are blocked for some reason.

Then, I tried some liberal sites: — not blocked — not blocked — blocked

left wing: — blocked — blocked — semi blocked – got to the site, but it was stripped down to unreadable garbage.


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