Mexico – Car bomb – Ciudad Juarez (GANG) dressed a wounded man in a police uniform and calling the cops to say an officer had been shot.

Two gangs got together in a collaborative effort Ciudad Juarez and La Linea to kill COPS

Striking, are the similarities between the Mexican gangs and the signature car bombings done by the jihadi’s .

Using decoys, dressed in official uniforms is more the signature of the terrorist organizations and killing someone to kill someone else is more often the Muslim terrorist.

This would not be surprising since Venezuela and Brazil have been buddy buddy with the Iranian government, which is a supporter and sponsor of terrorism everywhere.

Car bomb marks new, bloody phase in Mexico’s war with drug gangs:


Saturday, July 17th 2010, 1:52 PM

A police officer flees a car bombing in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

A police officer flees a car bombing in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Read

The bloody drug wars ravaging Mexico took a bloody turn for the worse this week.

For the first time in the decades-old battle between drug gangs and the government, a car bomb was used to kill police.

Members of a drug gang in Ciudad Juarez Thursday baited federal officers and paramedics by dressing a wounded man in a police uniform and calling the cops to say an officer had been shot.

When the officers reached the decoy cop, the gang blew up a car holding more than 20 pounds of explosives.

The fake cop, a paramedic and a federal officer died in the blast.

The La Linea gang, which was blamed for the kidnapping and killing of a U.S. consulate employee and her husband back in March, detonated the bomb, police said.

Graffiti in Ciudad Juarez supposedly posted by the gang said they would strike again.

“We have more car bombs,” they wrote.

The mayor of Ciudad Juarez said his city is on alert for more attacks.

“We’ve started changing all our protocols, to include bomb situations,” Mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz told the Associated Press.

The mayor also feared that the car bombing could trigger cops to quit or retire.

He said at least 14 police officers had been killed in the last few weeks.

Ciudad Juarez is on the Mexican border with Texas, right across from El Paso and is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, with more than 4,000 people killed since 2009, according to government estimates.

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12 Responses to Mexico – Car bomb – Ciudad Juarez (GANG) dressed a wounded man in a police uniform and calling the cops to say an officer had been shot.

  1. Chris says:

    Not only Venezuela on the Islamists living but also Costa Rica.Someone on website Godlikeproductions said he found a Koran and brokin .45 caliber gun in Jungles
    of Costa Rica.Mexico is a terrorist third world cesspool

  2. txlady706 says:

    It seems to be dangerous all around. Here, in Texas too.

  3. Chris says:

    Did you hear about the 17 killed at a party in Mexico yesterday by the drug cartels?Also i want you to go to these links and tell me what you think.I hope you are safe & ok there in Texas dear.

  4. txlady706 says:

    Obama is send about 1500 national guard down to the border. They will be restricted. They will not be able to engage unless directed to by local authorities or directly attacked first. The rules of engagement are restrictive. This could potentially be a blood bath. It depends on how ready the proxy fighters are to begin an invasion in truth.
    I don’t think that they are yet.
    The actual players are Iran, Venezuela, Columbia and Cuba and the Mexican cartels to some degree. Mexico proper is incapable of taking a stand against both at the same time. They are the hosts and they have grown in to symbiotic relationship with the parasite. The parasite may be ready to sacrifice the host soon, but not yet. The timing is not quite there.

  5. Chris says:

    Hi Txlady:
    Yes i know about those countries being involved.And Chavez is a sponsor for extremists from overseas.
    And they travel to that region in S.A and come and travel to Mexico,then to the US since we have open borders.Also that superhighway being built,scary!
    Do you have a Youtube account?Friend me:

  6. txlady706 says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a You Tube account, but I do have a VOD POD:
    I can’t access some of the You Tube features everywhere that I go, so I use VODPOD.

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