OBAMA sicks the Coast Guard out to sabotage the Gulf Oil Clean Up

Obama IS in charge. He has deliberately tied the hands of all NONE FEDERAL agencies. The government IS in charge and this is the result. BP chair is crucified with Congressional hearings, yet no one at the hearings stood up and said, ” Yeah, but you all signed off on everything that we were doing. The culpability lies in the government agencies hands and BP ” Those agencies include and are not limited to EPA, OSHA and the FED themselves. Why are there so many agencies with FEDERAL powers and yet these heads are not elected, but appointed. They ANSWER to no one but the PRESIDENT. Giving the President powers that of a Dictator in MOST situations. WE ARE WATCHING THE BIRTHING OF A DICTATORSHIP. SOCIALISM? We have quickly gone from one to the next. Now days everything moves at the speed of light. Maybe we had already been socialists and now are quickly hurdling toward the TYRANNICAL state of dictatorship

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Why did Obama turn down offers of help?

Amazingly, it looks like Obama deliberately exacerbated the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster to push his ideological agenda. Seems he actually refused offers of help from other countries to fix the bust oil well, refusing to waive the trade union-inspired protectionist legislation which normally prohibits such assistance from being taken  — but which waswaived by President Bush over Hurricane Katrina, as  had been done by other Presidents in the past. Notes Hans Bader:

In April 2009, the Obama administration granted BP, a bigsupporter of Obama, a waiver of environmental regulations.  But after the oil spill, it blocked Louisiana from protecting its coastlineagainst the oil spill by delaying rather than expediting regulatory approval of essential protective measures.  It has also chosen not to use what has been described as “the most effective method” of fighting the spill, a method successfully used in other oil spills.  Democratic strategist James Carville called Obama’s handling of the oil spill “lackadaisical” and “unbelievable” in its “stupidity.”

Obama is now using BP’s oil spill to push the global-warming legislation that BP had lobbied for.  Obama’s global warming legislation expands ethanol subsidies, which cause famine,starvation, and food riots in poor countries by shrinking the food supply.  Ethanol makes gasoline costlier and dirtier, increasesozone pollution, and increases the death toll from smog and air pollution.   Ethanol production also results in deforestation, soil erosion, and water pollution. Subsidies for biofuels like ethanol are a big source of corporate welfare: “BP has lobbied for and profited from subsidies for biofuels . . . that cannot break even without government support.”

Sheesh. The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is exceeded only by the disaster in Pennsylvania Avenue…


2 Responses to OBAMA sicks the Coast Guard out to sabotage the Gulf Oil Clean Up

  1. boudicabpi says:

    Hi, Bob A. here.
    Thanks for posting this. I’m working on a post and will include a link here once I get it put together. The blame for the spill rests with BP along with the Obama administration. The blame for the oil reaching our coast and the damage done rests with the Obama administration. Either through sheer incompetence or a desire to see an environmental disaster to further their agenda it is much worse than we hear. I believe it is a combination of both, Obama and his tribe can no longer blame Bush, he has been in office for close to 1 1/2 years and this is his, no one elses.


  2. txlady706 says:

    Hey Bob:
    I have my own suspicions. They are much more nefarious than what you suggest. Follow the Blagojevich trial. He has info that I believe will tie to this. VERY circularly, but still valid. Some of the same players there are the same players here. However, I think it’s even more horrible and, in my suspicion, I believe that other countries are involved. This is also why Blago has been saying that HE didn’t do anything wrong. Or, at least so he thinks. He may be innocent yet. He maybe a fall guy that Obama never thought had enough back bone to raise any crap over. I hope that he gets all the testimony that BLAGO requested. LTC Lakin, is not being afforded that.


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