New POT – synthetic marijuana. Is this going to ignite a new drug war? But what about all the poor drug lords?

The legalization of POT may have a new contender.  K12 is legal and is being sold everywhere.  The effects are the same as POT.

There are other issues at stake.  The drug lords and the prescription drug companies.  Both stand to loose from the introduction of this new, synthetic, legal (so far) drug.  Makes you wonder where this thing came from.

New, legal, drug has law enforcement concerned — and it’s already on a Lawrence store’s shelves

It’s not marijuana, but some local law enforcement officials say it’s very similar.

It’s a legal, smokable herbal mixture called K2, and is available in Lawrence.

“This is basically a synthetic marijuana,” said Deputy Tom Erickson of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. “It’s still the same type of thing.”

Erickson said the Johnson County crime lab tested K2 – which looks like potpourri and retails for about $10 per gram – and found that it had chemical properties that are similar to THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

K2 can be purchased at a downtown shop, Sacred Journey, 1103 Mass. Employees at the store declined an interview request.

The substance’s similarity to marijuana is catching the eye of school officials and substance abuse treatment providers.

The Olathe school district has dealt with a couple of cases of students possessing K2 in the schools, said Carol LeVar, executive director for general administration for the district.

“We’re on the lookout,” she said.

The Olathe student code provides for disciplinary action on substances such as K2, even though it’s legal. LeVar said that the district has concerns about K2, similar to those they have with illegal substances such as marijuana.

“We’d deal with it pretty seriously,” LeVar said.

Officials from Lawrence schools said they aren’t aware of K2 showing up in schools, but that doesn’t mean local youth aren’t using the substance, said Kendall Heiman, director of Professional Treatment Services, a Lawrence-based substance abuse treatment center.

“It seems to have quite a presence in Douglas and Johnson counties,” she said.

Heiman said counselors at her agency have seen a “dramatic increase” in youths using the substance in the last month.

The substance doesn’t show up on a drug test, which makes it an attractive alternative to marijuana, she said.

Because K2 is legal in the United States, Lawrence police Sgt. Bill Cory said, that leaves it out of the bounds of law enforcement.

“We know it is out there but have not seen it. Since it is a legal substance there is not much we can do about it,” Cory said.

But that doesn’t mean K2 is safe, said Heiman, who cites a variety of issues raised by the substance.

For one, it’s relatively unstudied.

“There’s no one who really knows a whole lot about it,” she said.

Heiman also has concerns that the high cost of the substance – which comes in a variety of flavors and potencies – will lead to more crime for those wanting to purchase it.

And she sees the same potential issues with K2 as she sees with marijuana: negative health effects, impaired driving, poor decision-making and drug dependency.

Erickson said that the potential problems with K2 have Johnson County officials planning a proposal for a change at the state legislative level that would make K2 illegal.

“We’re just putting together a proposal,” said Erickson.

But that will take time, and Erickson said it’s important for parents to be aware of K2.

“If your kids have this and are using it, they’re getting high,” he said.


32 Responses to New POT – synthetic marijuana. Is this going to ignite a new drug war? But what about all the poor drug lords?

  1. k2 incense says:

    They are making a mountain out of a molehill. A lot of people have no idea what k2 incense is. They are just drawing more attention to it. Surely there are more pressing issues than a little fake weed?

  2. txlady706 says:

    k2 incense:
    I think that the more people know the better.
    This synthetic substance has sent people to the hospital with brain hemorrhage. Kids pick up on things and the don’t need a bunch of advertising. I hope you are right though. I would hope that it would fade away to oblivion.

    • Crazy says:

      I agree I’m 28 years old and have tried several drugs but never really looked at how bad alot can be yes everything in this worl is not good for you in some way but It never really hit me till the day i went into work and seen a girl younger than me as a resident): this is very sad she is only 27 yrs old and now is a veg from this drug when she tried it, it didnt agree with the chemicals in her body and put her in a high she has never came out of Very sad to see her family everyday by her side wishing she will come out of it

      • mis says:

        j agree that the drug is dangerous as my own experience was frightening to say the least my cousin and I tried the stuff for a laugh and talk about our smoking days only to discover shit is nothing like weeds it take you high so quick and causes your heart to race and the feeling that you will never come down takes over my cousin puked and had to be place in a cold shower to bring her out of it and evan then we both felt sick all day I have been told by a crackhead that this shit scares him and he smokes crack!!! the feeling you get from weed is hunger and laughs vs.k12 strange and uncomfortable extreme high that does not feel manageable the person using drug cannot really function at no normal level evan standing was difficult for at least 20 minutes I think checking the affect closley before unleashing a potential addiction on streets based on my own incounter with this new drug I am am shocked that stuff is legal……

    • Anonymous says:

      I play on a high school football team. there are 12 kids on my team that have been caught smoking k2. 2 of them are now in rehab. 1 of them is being shipped off to germany to live with his dad and all the others are kicked off the team and cant play any sport for the rest of their high school career. Pretty much all of them were very athletic and had a bright future but k2 ruined it for them.

  3. :p says:

    “If your kids have this and are using it, they’re getting high,” he said.

    And they are doing it legally…if they’re the right age, here they have an age limit on it…just like cigarettes and alcohol.

    Plus drug wars only happen because things are illegal and they need to smuggle things in and so forth and so on…cigarettes make you feel good and so does alcohol, I see no drug war going on with them because they happen to be legal. If you give people what they want, they won’t get violent about it.

    • txlady706 says:

      Please, do your research about the “drug.” One- the pot is more TOXIC now, then most studies do their research with. Two – these drugs are cause PERMANENT brain damage in ALL people who do them for a few years or more. Three – the countries that have previously legalized them are pulling back, because of the “unintended” consequences that have occurred as a result. If you are willing to pay to support a population that is willingly killing themselves, then you are no better that the Margaret Sanger’s of the world. If you don’t know who that is, then please google her and people like her, because THOSE are the people that propel these arguments. The reality is more grim. The reality is that bad things happen if you say nothing, hear nothing, and DO nothing. I can only hope that you research this matter and gain a different perspective. Because TALK is cheap. Look! Actually, LOOK at the evidence the reality of people and countries that have experimented with these things. And remember that it takes a generation for the fruit to ripen.

      • derr says:

        if only you were as passionate about tobacco, alcohol unhealthy foods and any other substances that are actually problems.

      • cdub says:

        Who gives a fuck you dont have to smoke it if you dont want to its a choice just like cigarettes and alive when your back hurts grow the fuck up and stay out of peoples BUISNESS and worry about your own LIFE.and lady you need to do some research i have adhd and id rather smoke POT than do riddelin which in fact has the same chemical properties as coke so just SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY

  4. Tom says:

    txlady, you are crazy! I’ve smoked WEED for 4 years (almost EVERY DAY). I’m a senior in high school, and of those 4 years, I maintained straight A’s and B’s. Its people like YOU who are ignorant on the situation, and obviously brainwashed by our government. In fact, I’m going to light up a blunt just for you!

  5. txlady706 says:

    I hope that you find the truth.
    The GOV’T WANTS you to be doped up.
    The reason that you are not FEELING the effects right now, is because your brain is still developing at a very high rate. When growth slows down, the toxins will begin to kill off different parts of the brain. Granted, those parts may never be ones that you use.
    You are soo young. Don’t be like everyone else around you. Single yourself out and become a leader. You won’t see the effects until it’s way too late. Prolonged use will turn you in to a, g-d forbid, a suicidal, old man very quickly. Look at the effects on REAL people all around you. Find people who have been smoking and those who don’t. Then evaluate their situations. Look at their lives. Don’t evaluate them SUBJECTIVELY (with your emotions tied in to the drug.) Try to be OBJECTIVE and perform the logical analysis in an empirical fashion.
    I’m sorry that your so emotional. Take the emotion out of it and do the research for yourself. The government WANTS you to think it’s taboo. They create the controversy. They are very good at mass psychological propaganda. They WANT you to do the TABOO thing. All the while they bring up “scientific” research that disputes the reality of it being dangerous. Please, get away from the popular media. You have to dig farther, because they don’t want to make it easy for you. The government understands that if it’s easy, then it’s not INTERESTING. If the parent doesn’t say no, then the kid doesn’t have INTEREST in it. You see?
    But it IS dangerous. Wait and see (or maybe you won’t be able to), some people are accustomed to the darkness and the light is too much to bare ( Plato’s Parable of the Cave). OPEN your eyes, the light will hurt, but it is necessary to understand the truth. Not everything that is necessary is painfree and happy. Most of LIFE isn’t. Pulling a thorn from your finger isn’t pleasant, but if it is not removed, then it may create an infection. You see, we need the pain. But LIFE is the bottom line. Pull the thorn out.

    • cdub says:

      IF our government really wanted to do something about drugs they ALREADY WOULD HAVE and besides they supply us ignorant bible basher.

      • Anonymous says:

        i have known many old people who to this day still smoke pot on a daily bases and hold good jobs and are healthier then ever…has everyone done the research on marijuana?

  6. AfganKush says:

    This whole post is a bunch of shit. K2 is LEGAL. get over it its going to be years until anything is done about it anyways

    THE QUOTE “and she sees the same potential issues with K2 as she sees with marijuana: negative health effects, impaired driving, poor decision-making and drug dependency.”

    1. Marijuana does not have inflict a negative health unless you just do not care about it. It actually contains shit in the bud itself to KILL CANCER!! So if smoking weed is apparently GIVING me cancer like people think, i would have died long long ago. And on top of that… why is it sold as MEDICINE if it gives you a negative health outcome?

    2. Weed/K2 help many people focus driving. i have never seen anyone be a bad driver high trust me. If anything its cause the person just sucks at driving.

    3. Have you ever seen a crime committed because of weed? dont think so. So can you clarify these so called “poor decisions” people make?

    4. Weed is a non addictive drug. Nuff said.

    • derr says:

      weeds worse than tobacco, the only reason people dont get cancer from it is because not many people smoke 2 packs of spliffs a day.
      while driving high i waited for a stop sign to turn green.
      people do all sorts of stupid shit high, and i know plenty of people that have broken into houses and cars because they know theres weed inside.
      but it IS totally non addictive, just fun

      • Danzroid says:

        if weeds illegal, why doesn’t the government make alcohol illegal. Think about it, how many car accidents have you heard about that the driver was stoned? I NEVER hear that kind of stuff. Marijuana makes you a hell of alot more cautious while driving. I realize this is COMPLETELY off topic but i figured it had to be said. And it seems there’s a few pot smokers that will agree with me here on this one.

  7. txlady706 says:


    • Knowledge is freedom says:

      Lmaooo lady can you please put the facts out there and stop labeling others . It’s really annoying . It’s people like you that make this earth full of hate and misery .

  8. steven says:

    I can agree, lighting anything on fire, then inhaling the result can’t be all that healthy, no matter what the substance is, but that is a risk I am willing to take. Drinking alcohol has to filter through your liver before it can enter the bloodstream and do it’s thing, what is so healthy about that? And that shit is legal. I love me some good ol’ marijuana. In fact, I am high as balls now typing this. Feels good

    • txlady706 says:

      you are a moron and are killing your brain. I frankly don’t care, but that they force me to pay for your suicide.

      • cdub says:

        haha your a dumb bitch pay for what???


      • Anonymous says:

        txlady706 shut the fuck up you have no clue what your talking about there is nothing wrong with weed it has good effects on the world it helps slow down cancer so do your research before you start labeling people iv set here for the last hour reading this and all you’ve done is label people so do your fucking research before you label people

  9. Anonymous says:

    does anyone realize that its an incense. its purpose is to sit on your bench and make your house smell nice. yes they sell it in stores but they also sell methylated spirits, petrol and turpentine. you can drink or sniff those things and get yourself on a high. i’ll smoke pot every now and again, drink some weekends, i think things like that are good fun in moderation but there is no way in the world I’m going to smoke a fucking incense.

  10. lithium side effects hostility…

    […]New POT – synthetic marijuana. Is this going to ignite a new drug war? But what about all the poor drug lords? « Politics, Religion, and Family[…]…

  11. Real Webcam Shows…

    […]New POT – synthetic marijuana. Is this going to ignite a new drug war? But what about all the poor drug lords? « Politics, Religion, and Family[…]…

  12. kush says:


    […]New POT – synthetic marijuana. Is this going to ignite a new drug war? But what about all the poor drug lords? « Politics, Religion, and Family[…]…

  13. Anonymous says:

    Do people even research thing’s before they make statements? There is no drug dependency ever proven for Marijuana… it does not cause a physical dependency….it’s a mental dependency to be truthful… Alcohol is by far more dangerous.. destructive.. not to mention it is addictive.. still its sold.. advertized all over the place as far as it being worse on your lungs than cigerettes.. that is false as well “According to a study published in Journal of the American Medical Association in January, marijuana does not impair lung function and can even increase lung capacity.

    Researchers looking for risk factors of heart disease tested the lung function of 5115 young adults over the course of 20 years. Tobacco smokers lost lung function over time, but pot users actually showed an increase in lung capacity.

    The increased lung capacity may due to taking a deep breaths while inhaling the drug

    Read more:
    enough said.. the benefits out weight the right for someone to say that its bad.. breathing our air is bad.. but its breathe or die..

  14. Melva says:

    “New POT – synthetic marijuana. Is this going to ignite a new drug war?

    But what about all the poor drug lords? | Politics, Religion, and
    Family” was indeed a wonderful article. If only there were alot more blogs similar to this one on the
    cyberspace. Anyway, many thanks for your time, Theresa

  15. Daren Zenner says:

    Daren Zenner

    New POT – synthetic marijuana. Is this going to ignite a new drug war? But what about all the poor drug lords? | Politics, Religion, and Family

  16. This drug war is not good for human life.

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