Mayor Diana Preston of Lilburn, GA will sell personal property to build a mosque

She wants to sell this nice peice of property for a mosque.  They are probably paying a premium to buy it.  I wonder what else is for sale at rock bottom, discount prices?

That beauty will be destroyed, Lobos said, if the city approves plans for a 20,000-square-foot mosque, gymnasium and cemetery on about 8 acres of land — some of which is currently owned by Mayor Diana Preston — at U.S. 29 and Hood Road.

“It’s going to disturb the peace we’re enjoying, the peace I’ve worked so hard for, the peace I’ve sacrificed so much for,” said Lobos, a mother of two who works and attends college full time.

Lobos and hundreds of other residents are expected to descend on Lawrenceville Thursday to speak out against the rezoning and special use permit requested by the local Muslim congregation of Dar-E-Abbas.


But Wasi Zaidi, a founding member of the 11-year-old congregation, said the group has outgrown its two 2,000-square-foot buildings on the same property. It needs the additional space to accommodate Lilburn’s growing Muslim community and the 90 families who worship there.

At the rate that they have kids they will have out grown the town in a few years anyway.  Why not just give them the towns.  The men can have up to 4 wives and the wives go on welfare.  The town is paying for themselves to become wedged out.  But what happens when the there are not enough people left that support them?  When the people who put money in the kitty become not enough to support the kiddy’s?  Then what?




3 Responses to Mayor Diana Preston of Lilburn, GA will sell personal property to build a mosque

  1. […] Allan Sanford   The struggle for physical control of America is accelerating, although it is virtually invisible to most of us. This invisible war becomes real when Muslim communities in small towns and large cities make their presence felt when they apply to a government agency to build a 30,000 square foot mosque smack in the middle of town, where by its size and location it becomes a constant reminder to non-Muslims that there are strangers in their midst. The ominous intention that they intend to remain strangers is never spoken of, if even realized.   The history of America from the late 1800’s till around 1920 was dominated by tsunami-like waves of immigrants coming from parts of the world that had ceased to be places of refuge for minority people wanting to live a better life than what their parents had. When the pain of staying became greater than the dislocation of uprooting a family from where the children were born and the grandparents had died, they got on large ships in ports sometimes far away from where they had come, and endured long voyages, both physically and emotionally, to come to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.   They gladly left behind old hatreds and hundred-year feuds, and most of all they left behind being Europeans from the Old World, and turned their faces to the brightest light in the world, at that time…America, where they were to be reborn as residents of the New World, where everything they had ever dreamed of becoming was possible.   They changed their names, sometimes, and dropped unpronounceable letters their family had been known by for centuries, in order to become Americans. They gave up “traditional” dress and wore plaid shirts and drank Cokes and ate ice cream bought from the Good Humor man’s white truck.   It worked. With the addition of these new muscles and minds, America grew into the most successful society the world had seen since Rome or Greece or the Mayans or the Egypt of the Pharaohs. But how can this be, if you can walk the streets of New York City and in an hour wander through neighborhoods that have not one sign in English? Here is Chinatown, with live fish in tubs on the sidewalk and poisonous looking vegetables, and a few blocks away you are in Italy, with hands gesturing and shoulders shrugging during a street corner argument. Cross a bridge and you are in Korea and just a half mile away you find yourself in Greece.   One of the secrets of America’s success is that these people who have not given up one iota of their heritages from the Old Country brought themselves here and added whatever they were to the American “mix.” They did not come here to change America. They came here to change themselves, join America, and become part of it.   There is a bedroom community in Orange County, New York, called Kiryas Joel. It was literally built by Hasidic Jews, house by house, school by school, store by store. It is a mirror-image of those European or Asian ethnic communities that you find in many large cities in our country. The residents of Kiryas Joel do not advocate the adoption of Talmudic Law for everyone in Orange County, just as the residents of Chinatown do not try to impose any aspects of their Chinese lives on to the social order of their city or town. They are happy to hold their ethnicity close to themselves, while giving their energy to what makes America special. It’s a good deal for everyone.   The contrast is extreme between these established “immigrant” communities that are all over America, with what happens when Muslims come together to live. The Muslim’s stated goal is not to become Americans, but to bring all Americans to Islam. The establishment of Sharia Law is a major goal of the Muslims, no matter where they are in the world. The first step toward this is to have Sharia Law legitimatized alongside established American law. Second step is to replace the American legal system with Islamic law.   As Americans realize that their Muslim neighbors are in competition with our society and system, resistance to having them in and around our towns and cities will grow. President Obama is now putting the entire weight of his office behind forcing Arizona to repeal its legislation that was put in place to protect its citizens from illegal Mexican immigrants. Other states are looking at passing similar legislation controlling immigration, even Nebraska, which even poor students of geography know is nowhere near the Mexican border. Could it be that Nebraska is more concerned with Muslims than Mexicans?   Could it be that President Barack Hussein Obama is also more concerned with Muslims than Mexicans?… […]

  2. kaafir says:

    I feel sorry for this little town. They have to go through this situtation. The muslims know America doesn’t want them here but their goal is to dominate America and they will not quit and even if they sue and lose again the threats will just continue but worse. They will get their mosque build anyway, watch and see, the greatest muslim in the country, Obama, will come to the rescue and have his paramores in the local government help them. Sooner or later the town will have to fight to keep their community and I don’t mean in court. Lock and load. If you think it is bad now just wait..And the mayor needs to be run out of town on a rail..Peace to all non-muslims.

  3. txlady706 says:

    yup. Thats exactly how they come at you politically

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