Wylie- kids KILL



Is this yet another example of political correctness?

NO child left behind?

The dumbing down of a society can have a devestating effect on kids

The home environment has changed for the worse.  Mothers who are not nurturers yeild kids who have no conscience. 

The political correctness would say that it’s not the kids fault.  Yes, it is.

The political correctness would say that it’s not the parents fault.  Yes, it is.

The political corrctness would also say that it’s no ones fault and society should keep doing the same things it’s been doing to kids.  Ignoring them.  Making parents see their children more and more like burdens instead of BLESSINGS.  We are not allowed to say blessings.  Anywhere. 

Women are not worth anything – in the eyes of other women- if they don’t have “jobs”.  Those women don’t understand that they are the pathetic ones, the selfish ones. 

Divorce is high because FAMILY is not valued and the blocks that create a family are seen as walls to destroy. 

How sad.

And here we are  TODAY

Kids rage exhibited against people who they see as the enemy.  Their parents.

Kids rage did this.  The parents created it.  Society built it.


Wylie police: Despite pleas, teens killed with kicks, hammer blows


One of five teens accused of beating a man to death in Wylie this weekend wielded a hammer, police say.

The gang of mostly 16-year-olds kept hitting and kicking the man even while they were begged to stop by a 15-year-old boy who’d been friends with one of them, according to court documents. The boy had just returned from a fishing trip with the dying man.

These and other details emerged Monday from the savage episode, which was sparked by an angry exchange of words between strangers and didn’t end until 28-year-old Jonathan Bird was dead and the five teenage boys faced charges of murder.

It started shortly before midnight Saturday as Bird returned from a fishing trip at Lavon Lake with his best friend, August Walters, 26. With them were two boys: Bird’s fiancée’s 14-year-old son and the son’s 15-year-old friend.

They pulled in front of the home that Bird shared with his fiancée, Codi Duer. Bird, who worked as a handyman, often took Duer’s three sons fishing for bass, crappie and catfish.

“He didn’t try to take the place of the father they had,” Duer said Monday. “But he tried to be the best role model and father figure that he could.”

As they headed into the home in the 300 block of South Third Street, a pickup sped down the street.

According to the police account, Bird told those inside the truck to slow down because kids lived in the area. Bird and others in the neighborhood had grown tired of hearing screeching and engines along its streets.

The truck stopped, and there was an exchange of words. As it pulled away, Walters told police, it ran over Bird’s foot and he struck the side of it with his arm.

The truck sped off, but not before its driver yelled that he’d be back with his “AK,” police say.

About five minutes later, the truck returned, and five teenage boys jumped out. One was dressed in red and wore a red bandana. The boy punched Bird, who lost his balance and fell to the ground, police say.

Walters was on the phone with his sister, he said.

“I’m about to get in a fight – I’ll call you back,” he told her, and sprinted toward the fray.

Meanwhile, Duer’s son’s friend yelled at the boys to back off. He knew the boy in red, a 16-year-old, because they used to hang out together. Despite his pleas, the group kept beating Bird.

“I ran over there and tackled four of them that were kicking and hitting him on the ground,” Walters said. He said he was hit a couple of times during the melee, but the teenagers quickly took off again in the truck.

Walters said he thinks Bird never threw a punch because he knew they were just boys.

“If it would have been one of them lying on the ground, we’d be in jail right now,” Walters said. “That’s why we didn’t fight back.”

The attack had lasted only a couple of minutes. When it was over, Bird lay in the grass just across the street from his home. Walters rushed over to hold him as he coughed up blood.

“He took four or five breaths and that was it,” Walters said.

He was taken to Richardson Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

It didn’t take long for Wylie police to track down the boy in red, who lives only a couple of streets away. They also found 17-year-old Ethan Dorris, who lives nearby.

Soon, police say, investigators also tracked down the three other 16-year-olds and the pickup, a 2002 Dodge Ram, at a home in Garland. All five teenagers were taken into custody without incident.

From the pickup, investigators recovered a hammer. Authorities wouldn’t say which teen they think swung it.

Dorris, who was in the Collin County Jail on Monday, declined to be interviewed. Family members at his home also wouldn’t comment.

Police say they’ve run into Dorris many times before.

“I would describe Ethan as a bully,” Detective Venece Perepiczka said.

The tragedy is the second to befall Duer and her boys this year. In March, her ex-husband, Jonathan Whitehead, was shot to death in Plano. Whitehead was the biological father of two of her sons and acted as a father to the other.

Bird had been well on his way to helping fill that void, Duer said.

“My kids had just gotten the light back in their eyes after losing their dad,” she said. “And now they’ve lost him too.”

06:57 AM CST on Tuesday, November 10, 2009

By STEVE THOMPSON / The Dallas Morning News

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