PLEADING guilty to Spying for China

May 20, 2019

Hillary State Department Appointee Pleads Guilty to Spying for China

Candace Marie Claiborne had a TOP SECRET security clearance and provided internal State Department documents to Chinese agents in exchange for gifts and benefits. She has now pleaded guilty to  a charge of conspiracy to defraud the United States by lying to law enforcement and background investigators, and by hiding her extensive contacts with, and gifts from, agents of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in exchange for providing them with internal documents from the U.S. State Department. She was hand-picked by Hillary Clinton, who herself has many ties to China, including the aiding of the sale of top-secret programs to China and Russia.


Via the DOJ:

“Candace Marie Claiborne traded her integrity and non-public information of the United States government in exchange for cash and other gifts from foreign agents she knew worked for the Chinese intelligence service,” said Assistant Attorney General Demers.  “She withheld information and lied repeatedly about these contacts.  Violations of the public’s trust are an affront to our citizens and to all those who honor their oaths.  With this guilty plea we are one step closer to imposing justice for these dishonorable criminal acts.”

“Candace Claiborne broke the public trust when she accepted gifts and money from foreign officials, and then lied about it to State Department background investigators,” said U.S. Attorney Liu. “The United States will continue to seek to hold accountable those who abuse their positions of trust.”

“Candace Claiborne was entrusted with Top Secret information when she purposefully misled federal investigators about her repeated interactions with foreign contacts which violated her oath of office as a State Department employee,” said Assistant Director McNamara.  “The FBI will continue to investigate individuals who fail to report foreign contacts, which is a key indicator of potential insider threats posed by those in positions of public trust.”

“Our close working relationship with the FBI and the Department of Justice resulted in the conviction of Candace Claiborne who violated the public trust and damaged our national security,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary Colón.  “Diplomatic Security will continue working with our law enforcement partners to vigorously defend the interests and security of the United States of America.”

Claiborne, who confided to a co-conspirator that the PRC agents were “spies,” willfully misled State Department background investigators and FBI investigators about her contacts with those agents, the plea documents state. After the State Department and FBI investigators contacted her, Claiborne also instructed her co-conspirators to delete evidence connecting her to the PRC agents, the DOJ said.

Hillary State Department Appointee Pleads Guilty to Spying for China


Ukrainian’s Lutsenko to open an investigation in to Ukrainian interference in US elections. Claims US AMBASSADOR gave him “UNTOUCHABLES” list

May 20, 2019

See the two articles below –

Senior Ukrainian official says he’s opened probe into US election interference


Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko told Hill.TV’s John Solomon in an interview aired on Wednesday that he has opened a probe into alleged attempts by Ukrainians to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

“Today we will launch a criminal investigation about this and we will give legal assessment of this information,” Lutsenko said last week.


Lutsenko is probing a claim from a member of the Ukrainian parliament that the director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), Artem Sytnyk, attempted to influence the 2016 vote to the benefit of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

A State Department spokesman told Hill.TV that officials are aware of news reports regarding Sytnyk.

“We have always emphasized the need for deep, comprehensive, and timely reforms that respond to the demands the Ukrainian people made during the Revolution of Dignity: an end to systemic corruption, faster economic growth, and a European future for all Ukrainians,” a State spokesperson told Hill.TV.

“We have consistently said that Ukraine’s long-term success and resilience depends on its commitment to reform, in particular the fight to address corruption. To succeed, Ukraine needs committed government officials and strong anti-corruption institutions. The United States is committed to engaging with our partners in Ukraine, including on efforts to roll back the persistent corruption that continues to threaten Ukraine’s national security, prosperity, and democratic development.”

NABU issued a statement on Friday, calling Lutsenko’s comments “not true and is an absurd effort to discredit an independent anti-corruption agency.”

Hill.TV has also reached out to the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and Clinton’s spokesperson for comment.

“According to the member of parliament of Ukraine, he got the court decision that the NABU official conducted an illegal intrusion into the American election campaign,” Lutsenko said.

“It means that we think Mr. Sytnyk, the NABU director, officially talked about criminal investigation with Mr. [Paul] Manafort, and at the same time, Mr. Sytnyk stressed that in such a way, he wanted to assist the campaign of Ms. Clinton,” he continued.

Solomon asked Lutsenko about reports that a member of Ukraine’s parliament obtained a tape of the current head of the NABU saying that he was attempting to help Clinton win the 2016 presidential election, as well as connections that helped release the black-ledger files that exposed Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s wrongdoing in Ukraine.

“This member of parliament even attached the audio tape where several men, one of which had a voice similar to the voice of Mr. Sytnyk, discussed the matter.”

— Hill.TV Staff




Lutsenko claims US ambassador gave him ‘untouchables list,’ US embassy denies it

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko gives a press conference in Kyiv on March 7, 2019. Two weeks later, Lutsenko accused US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch of giving him a list of people who should be exempt from legal prosecution in Ukraine.
Photo by Volodymyr Petrov

An extraordinary row has broken out between Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko and the U.S. embassy in Ukraine, with Lutsenko claiming the embassy gave him a list of people not to prosecute, and the embassy accusing Lutsenko of making the whole story up.

Lutsenko made the claim during an interview with the Washington D.C. newspaper The Hill published on March 20.

“Unfortunately, at my first meeting with U.S. ambassador (Marie Yovanovitch), she gave me a list of people whom we should not prosecute,” Lutsenko said. He said he had found this unacceptable.

But according to The Hill, the State Department called Lutsenko’s claim that he had been given such a list “an outright fabrication.”

Lutsenko said that he assumed that the Prosecutor General’s Office hasn’t received promised aid from the United States because of his rejection of the list.

“A portion of the funds, namely $4.4 million, were designated and were foreseen for the recipient, the Prosecutor General’s Office. But we never received it,” he said. “Actually, we got a letter from the U.S. embassy, from the ambassador, that the money that we are speaking about (was) under the full control of the U.S. embassy.”

The embassy itself in an official response to Ukraine’s 1+1 channel stated that “in the case of there being an absence of political will, for example, in the Prosecutor General’s Office, we will meet our responsibilities to U.S. taxpayers and transfer funds to where they can produce a positive outcome.”

Lutsenko’s allegations came a couple of weeks after Yovanovitch in a public statement said that the discredited Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Nazar Kholodnytsky should be dismissed.

Anti-corruption activists have been pressuring the authorities to sack Kholodnytsky for almost a year, after the National Anti-Corruption Bureau or NABU in April 2018 released audio recordings of Kholodnytsky allegedly giving suspects secret details about their cases, while pressuring judges and prosecutors to drop prosecutions. Listening devices had been placed in a fish tank in Kholodnytsky’s office.

Kholodnytsky later confirmed that the tapes were authentic, but said his words had been taken out of context.

The Hill published a letter provided by Lutsenko to demonstrate that the U.S. embassy interferes in the work of his office.

In the letter, sent to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine in April 2016, the embassy expressed concerns about the prosecution of prominent activist Vitaliy Shabunin’s Anti-Corruption Action Center for alleged misappropriation of funds that the organization received as grant support from the U.S. embassy. The embassy said they have are satisfied with how the aid was spent and were concerned that the case could be an attempt to put pressure on anti-corruption activists.

Lutsenko told the Hill the letter was connected to his refusal to accept Yovanovitch’s alleged “list of untouchables.” However, when the letter was sent in April 2016, Lutsenko wasn’t yet prosecutor general, having been appointed a month later. Yovanovitch arrived in Ukraine even later that year.

War on NABU

Lutsenko’s comments came as the conflict between the NABU and the Prosecutor General’s Office is escalating. Lutsenko’s office has had a tense relationship with NABU ever since the bureau made allegations of corruption in the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office back in April 2018.

The most recent scandal arose in late February, when a journalistic investigation revealed that law enforcement agencies, including members of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the NABU covered up for corruption in state-owned defense enterprise UkrObronProm, for years.

The state law enforcement agencies promptly turned on each other.

Kholodnytsky claimed that the NABU was the one blocking investigation into one suspect, Oleh Hladkovskiy, the former deputy head of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, who was fired on March 4.

Speaking at a meeting of parliament’s defense committee on March 13, Kholodnytsky claimed that 87 sheets of correspondence had disappeared from the case’s files. Artem Sytnyk, the head of the NABU, responded that his organization had never received such correspondence.

Lutsenko during the interview with The Hill said that his office would open a probe into independent Ukrainian lawmaker Boryslav Rozenblat’s claim that Sytnyk meddled in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections to help Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton.

Donald J. Trump


“John Solomon: As Russia Collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges.” @seanhannity @FoxNews

45,4 тыс. человек(а) говорят об этом

Rozenblat, formerly belonging to the 138-member Bloc of Petro Poroshenko faction in parliament, was himself charged with corruption and the illegal extraction of amber by the NABU after the bureau taped his phone.

He denied all of the accusations, with Kyiv City Court stating that the NABU’s wiretap of his phone had been illegal.

In the meantime, foreign donors and multiple not-for-profit anticorruption organizations say there is a lack of progress in reforms and battling corruption in Ukraine.

“The United States is not currently providing any assistance to the Prosecutor General’s Office, but did previously attempt to support fundamental justice sector reform,” an unspecified State Department spokesperson told The Hill. “When the political will for genuine reform by successive Prosecutors General proved lacking, we exercised our fiduciary responsibility to the U.S. taxpayer and redirected assistance to more productive projects.”

“In a passionate desire to topple Sytnyk and take revenge on U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, (Lutsenko) is pulling Ukraine rapidly down to rock bottom,” wrote Daria Kaleniuk, senior executive of Anti-Corruption Action Centre, on Facebook.

Independent lawmaker Mustafa Nayyem cited that the prosecutor general is going beyond his authority.

“The only body that can conduct such an investigation into the disclosure of state secrets is the State Bureau of Investigations,” Nayyem said on Facebook on March 21.

Nayyem added that he sent Lutsenko an official inquiry asking to provide the “untouchables list” allegedly given to Lutsenko by the U.S. ambassador. He also asks Lutsenko why, if the ambassador indeed demanded immunity for someone, Lutsenko didn’t disclose this alleged illegal behavior at the time.

Political expert Volodymyr Fesenko wrote on Facebook that the interview was meant to discredit Yovanovitch, prior to the Ukrainian presidential election set to take place on March 31, which many fear Poroshenko may try to rig in his favor, while also appeasing the U.S. President Donald Trump.

Fesenko said that this move reminded him of the time Poroshenko publicly supported Hillary Clinton for U.S. presidency in 2016.

“Yuriy Lutsenko repeated Poroshenko’s mistake of three years ago. He decided to intervene in American domestic politics in favor of one of the conflicting parties. And this is absolutely wrong to do,” wrote Fesenko.

In a recent conversation with the Kyiv Post, a member of a European anti-corruption initiative in Ukraine acknowledged that Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office had stopped receiving funds from European donors due to a lack of progress in battling corruption, while saying that projects with the NABU remain funded.

Lutsenko didn’t respond to allegations prior to publication.

Soros the disruptor is at it again

May 20, 2019

Nothing is off limits to the likes of this jackal


Exclusive: Farage Suspects Remain Nexus Funded by ‘Lots of George Soros’s Money’

Nigel Exeter
Oliver Lane / Breitbart London



EXETER, United Kingdom — At a rally where Nigel Farage implored campaigners to be “happy warriors” in the final days of the EU election campaign, the Brexit Party leader invited scrutiny of the foreign funding of the anti-Brexit campaign.

Speaking during a cross-country day of rallies, Mr Farage told Breitbart London closer scrutiny of the funding of Remain-supporting campaign groups would likely reveal “lots of George Soros’s money”, among other sources.

Breitbart London@BreitbartLondon

Public Wants Nigel Farage to Lead Brexit Negotiations 

Public Wants Nigel Farage to Lead Brexit Negotiations

Nigel Farage is considered the best party leader to negotiate a Brexit deal and to lead the UK out of the current deadlock.

The funding of anti-Brexit campaigns by the Hungarian billionaire and convicted insider trader is a matter of record, with 2018 reports noting Mr Soros’s donations to just one of the dozens of groups in the Remain nexus hitting £800,000.

A spokesman for Mr Soros’s Open Society Foundations (OSF) non-governmental organisation said at that time that the money was going to pay for a “campaign for a meaningful vote on the final Brexit proposal.”

As well as funding anti-Brexit groups through his OSF organisation, Mr Soros has also taken a personal interest in Brexit negotiations, meeting privately with arch-Remainer and Iraq War architect Tony Blair and the European Commission at the Davos summit earlier this year. While the details of the meeting were heavily redacted in a Commission report, the EU Observer news site reported at the time they were said to have revolved around working to prevent the United Kingdom from leaving the European Union.

Breitbart London@BreitbartLondon

Claim: Davos Brexit Talks Between Blair, Soros Covered Up by European Commission 

Claim: Blair, Soros, European Commission Davos Brexit Talks Hushed Up

Details of talks between Tony Blair, George Soros, and the European Commission at Davos have been redacted in official EU reports.

Criticism of the use of foreign funding channelled into British politics by the Hungarian-American plutocrat have been dismissed as being founded in anti-Semitism by his defenders.

Yet critics of Mr Soros, an avowed atheist, have included Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who accused the billionaire of being “hostile to Israel”, and funding groups which work to “erase the Jewish nature of Israel”.

The leader of the world’s only Jewish state has also strongly backed Hungarian leader Viktor Orban in his campaign to reduce the influence of Soros in Hungarian domestic politics and society. The Israeli foreign ministry even issued a statement that anti-Semitism accusations should not be used to “delegitimise criticism of George Soros, who continuously undermines Israel’s democratically-elected governments,” adding that his organisations “defame the Jewish state and seek to deny it the right to defend itself.”

Breitbart Jerusalem editor Aaron Klein wrote earlier this year on groups involved in anti-Semitic boycotts and their links to Mr Soros, noting in his report:

In January, Israel released a list of 20 BDS-supporting organizations whose members will be banned from entering Israel due to their BDS activism, prominently featuring six American groups. At least four of the six BDS-promoting U.S. groups receive funding tied to Soros. Scores of other U.S. organizations that support the BDS movement are financed by Soros.

Monday’s comments by Mr Farage come amid repeated questions from the mainstream media over funding which has focused mainly on the Brexit Party.

The Brexit Party has insisted the vast majority of its funds have come from individual £25 donations by over 100,000 supporters, and has offered to show its accounts to the Electoral Commission this week in a bid to quash the claims.

Mr Farage himself has rejected allegations about funding as a “disgusting smear”.

Breitbart London@BreitbartLondon

Farage Denounces Campaign for Second EU Referendum: ‘It’s Not the People’s Vote, It’s the George Soros Vote’ 

Farage: Another EU Referendum ‘The George Soros Vote, Not the People’s Vote’

A pro-Brexit group backed by Nigel Farage is building a £5 million war chest to take on groups pushing to overturn the 2016 referendum.

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In separate comments Monday, Mr Farage told Breitbart London that British democracy was being “traduced” by attempts to overturn the 2016 referendum, and warned that while the British people were slow to anger, they had been pushed too far over the matter of Brexit.

Mr Farage said:

“A series of promises have been broken; the greatest democratic exercise in British history has been betrayed. This is the fightback, and I hope we’re going to stun everybody on Thursday, not with a one-off protest vote, but the beginning of a new political movement that is going to radically change the whole system, and the face of politics in Britain. That’s how ambitious I am.”

Addressing the crowd, the Brexit leader rejected the Brexit Party supporting the Conservatives if they selected Boris Johnson as their next leader unconditionally. In remarks that take on new relevance amid rising poll ratings for his new party, and a suggestion it could work together with the Conservatives to deliver Brexit by a backbench Tory MP, Mr Farage warned the gathered activists:

“Boris said that [Theresa May’s treaty] would reduce us to ‘vassalage’. And what did he do? He voted for it. Why would we ever trust anything we’re told by either of those parties ever again?

“We’ve got to try and shake up the two party system, it only serves itself. So remember, we’re turning the anger into something positive, and I urge you all, be happy warriors!”

Breitbart London@BreitbartLondon

Delingpole: Milkshake Remainers Have Completely Lost Their Moral Compass 

Delingpole: Milkshake Remainers Have Lost Their Moral Compass

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has just been assaulted with a milkshake. There is nothing funny or clever about these milkshake attacks which so far have been directed solely at campaigners who…

Other stops on Farage’s Monday tour of England take him to Newcastle, Wakefield, and Bolton. While on a walkabout meeting the public in Newcastle Monday afternoon, a milkshake was thrown at Mr Farage — part of a growing trend which a left-liberal media seem to find highly amusing, despite having previous feigned horror at members of the public merely heckling anti-Brexit MPs.

A 32-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of common assault after the attack and Mr Farage is reported to be pressing charges.

Oliver JJ Lane is the editor of Breitbart London — Follow him on Twitter and Facebook

Ellison and Omar tied to ISIS

May 20, 2019


EXCLUSIVE: Keith Ellison Aiding ISIS Tied Mosque To Intimidate and De-Platform Citizen Journalist

An explosive and damning document exclusively obtained by Illoominate Media confirms that Keith Ellison, the first Muslim Attorney General who serves in Minnesota, is using his position as an elected official to enforce Islamic blasphemy laws against Conservatives who post content critical of ISIS tied mosques.

On March 25, 2019, Ellison’s office penned a correspondence in reply to a Left-wing activist in Minnesota by the name of Karen Wills, in response to her complaint to Ellison’s office about an investigative report produced by an independent media company in Minnesota called “Third Rail Talk”.

Willis claimed to be a concerned member of “Neighbors Together In Solidarity”, a Left-leaning organization that has a history of working with Islamic organizations to support Islamic agendas. A review of her social media reveals Willis is a coordinator for the Democrat Party.

Karen Willis, Minnesota Democrat Party Organizer Who Reported Third Rail Talk To Keith Ellison’s Office

“You indicate that a video recently posted to YouTube contained content and comments that residents and DFC (Dar Al Faroorq Islamic Center) congregants find threatening. The video includes footage of congregants as they enter and leave the Mosque for Friday prayers. You indicate that your organization is attempting to mobilize neighbors, local clergy, and city officials to condemn hate speech,” the letter from Ellison’s office said.

Let’s take a look at the video in question that Willis, and now Ellison’s office is referring to as “hate speech”.

The video, titled “The Mosque Diaries Episode One: Are We Allowed To Film”? was posted on Third Rail Talk’s YouTube channel on March 22, 2019. The letter from Ellison’s office is dated March 25, 2019, which means Ellison’s office expedited their response in condemnation of the investigative report on the mosque, since March 23 and 24 were on a Saturday and Sunday when the Attorney General’s office is closed.

The nearly eight minute long video explains and proves how the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center is in violation of Bloomington, Minnesota’s city code, and the video provides multiple forms of evidence with clearly shows that the Mosque is overfilling their parking lots, creating spillage onto other people’s property, which is a violation of city code.

There is not a single threat or hateful comment made in the video. In fact, all footage was filmed on public property, making it completely legal. Not to mention, this is America where the United States Constitution grants Americans the First Amendment. Thus, it is not illegal for anyone, especially an independent journalist, to film in a public space.


However, despite the fact that everything in the video is completely legal, Ellison’s office praised the Left-wing organization for making a false report about Third Rail Talk, and encouraged them to contact the local police and FBI to report the conservative journalist for…doing journalism…in America.

“It is important that local officials and law enforcement are aware of your concerns . I encourage you or DCF leadership to continue reporting further concerns to the Bloomington Police Department and FBI,” the letter continues.

Along with being a six-term lawmaker who represented Minnesota’s 5th District, Keith Ellison is the first Muslim to ever be elected to the U.S. Congress, and served as the Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee from 2017-2018. When he was sworn into office, Ellison refused to be sworn in with a Constitution, and instead demanded that a Quran be used as a way to emphasize “religious tolerance”.

Why is this important?

By taking his oath on the Quran, Ellison took his oath to Sharia Law as opposed to US Law as outlined in the US Constitution.

All Muslims are required to adhere to the teachings of Mohammed, and all Muslims are thus required to uphold Sharia.


Under Sharia Law, there are punishments for those who challenge or criticize Islam. In fact, criticizing Islam is punishable by death.

As Attorney General, Keith Ellison is the leading law enforcement official in the state of Minnesota, which means police officers take orders from him and his office.

By encouraging Left-wing activists and members of an ISIS tied mosque to report conservative journalists to the police and FBI, Ellison is effectively upholding Islamic blasphemy laws and is violating the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Through his Islamic faith, Ellison is tied to the mosque in a personal manner which influenced his office enough to send an expedited reply.

Ellison is friends Imam Waleed Idris al-Meneesey, who is the head of the Dar Al Farooq Islamic center. Al-Meneesey has not only called for the killing of Jews, but he has also been cited saying Muslims should  refrain from participating in non-Islamic courts that do not follow Islamic shariah law, particularly those in the West guided by “man-made” law.

In 2008, the Assembly of Muslim Jurists Association of America (AMJA), where al-Meneese sits on the fatwa committee issued a declaration telling Muslims not to cooperate with law enforcement “in countries which do not rule by Allah’s dictates”, including the FBI. The declaration invoked many of the same arguments mentioned in a 2007 paper published by al-Meneese’s.

Al-Meneese has publicly mobilized Muslims to vote for both Keith Ellison and Ilhan Omar.

Keith Ellison Poses With Radical Imam Waleed Idrus al-Maneesey (2nd on Left)

Dar Al Farooq Islamic center, which the video report was conducted on, is an ISIS hotbed.

A recent report based on FBI statistics revealed that Minneapolis’s Somali community has become the terrorist recruitment capital of the United States.

“FBI stats show 45 Somalis left to join the ranks of either the Somalia-based Islamic insurgency al-Shabab, or the Iraq- and Syria-based ISIS combined. And as of 2018, a dozen more had been arrested with the intention of leaving to support ISIS. Both numbers are far higher than those of alleged terrorist wannabes who left or attempted to leave the country from other areas in the country where Muslim refugees have been resettled.”

Many of those Somalis attended Dar Al Farooq, which is the most popular Somali mosque in Minnesota.

“For over a decade, Islamist terror groups have been able to recruit from Minnesota. This is, in part, because Minnesota has a large Muslim population compared to other parts of the U.S,” said Robin Simcox, a terrorism and national security expert at The Heritage Foundation.

Keith Ellison has often attributed his 2006 campaign win to the Somali community, but he has never once condemned Dar Al Farooq for producing so many ISIS terrorists.

Ellison also endorsed Ilhan Omar, who defended nine Somali men arrested in 2015 for trying to cross into Mexico, as part of a plan to join ISIS in Syria. When the case went to trial, Omar wrote a letter to the trial judge requesting “compassion” – and lighter sentencing on behalf of the men who tried to join ISIS for the purpose of killing Americans.

When Attorney General’s are sworn in, they must take an oath to uphold the law without abusing their power to do favors for friends or those who share the same ideology.


In the letter to Willis, which is printed on Ellison’s letter head, his staff made it clear that his office is fully in favor social media and tech companies censoring voices he doesn’t agree with, specifically anything that Muslims might find offensive. This phenomenon, in which people, especially journalists on social media are being banned for reporting facts about Islam, Islamic terrorism, and Muslim politicians which actual terrorist organizations are allowed too freely use social media is called “Silicon Valley Sharia”.

The letter from Ellison continues,

“Second, as you know, YouTube’s internal policies promise to remove content promoting violence or hatred against individuals or groups based on their religion. YouTube relies on community members to report inappropriate content. As you note in your letter, community members can report content that they believe violates YouTube’s policies by select the “Report” option under the “More” tab on the video’s page. I commend you and other members of your organization for your efforts to report concerning or hateful comments to YouTube. I encourage you and others to directly contact the Chief Executive Office of YouTube, who is ultimately responsible for establishing and implementing YouTube’s policies.Her contact information is as follows:

Ms. Susan Wojcicki

Chief Executive Officer, YouTube

901 Cherry Avenue

San Bruno, CA 94066



Who gets to decide what is hateful? Ellison and his Muslim friends at Dar Al Farooq?

Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube. The fact that Ellison is providing a direct email and number for her to the radical Leftists and Muslims in Minnesota who want to get a peaceful independent journalist banned suggests that Wojcicki and Ellison have a personal relationship, and that Ellison is weaponizing the Attorney General’s office to enforce Silicon Valley Sharia and political discrimination. Third Rail Talk is a conservative publication that was founded by a Christian pastor named George Petroff. Ellison is a Muslim Democrat.

It is truly unfathomable that an Attorney General who has direct ties to radical imams and ISIS tied mosques is encouraging a Christian journalist to be reported to the FBI over a fact based report. Ellison has never called for Dar Al Farooq to be reported to the FBI for producing dozens of ISIS terrorists. Instead, Ellison posed for selfies with the Islamic center’s Imam!

If that’s the standard, then Minnesota has a serious problem, because Ellison himself is surrounded by a variety of hateful individuals, several of them who also have ties to Islamic terrorism. The imam in charge of Dar Al Farooq has a history of calling for the killing of Jews and Christians, and has refused to explain why multiple men who attend his mosque have joined ISIS.

In what world is it appropriate for an Attorney General to give a local political organization instructions on how they can get a Conservative journalist shut down and banned on YouTube for exposing a terror tied mosque?

Along with the contact information for the CEO of YouTube, Ellison’s office also mentioned how the activist could write to Minnesotas Democrat Senators with the aim of “changing laws”.

In other words, Ellison’s office is encouraging Left-wing activists to push for changes to the First Amendment of the US which grants all Americans free speech.

Why is a Muslim Attorney General advocating for changes to America’s speech laws?

He probably never intended for this letter to become public, but now it is, and Ellison has a lot of questions to answer

This behavior on behalf of Ellison and his office in defense of an Islamic center that has produced multiple ISIS terrorists should alarm all Americans.

Ellison is quick to accuse others of “hate speech”, but during his campaign for Attorney General, Ellison, who claims to be an anti-discrimination and anti-hateful content advocate, failed to explain his support of individuals who spew hatred, bigotry, and anti-Semitism. Ellison claims to fight for the most vulnerable, but he is close friends with Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam and proponent of anti-Jewish conspiracies.

In 2013, Farrakhan attended a dinner with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in New York City to discuss the Iran deal. According to Iran’s Rouhani, Israel is “illegitimate” and doesn’t have a right to exist. Also in attendance at the dinner was Farrakhan, who along with Rouhani, has spewed hatred against Jewish people. Farrakhan himself once declared that “Hitler was a very great man”, and he has been labeled as the “leading anti-Semite in America” by the Anti Defamation League (ADL) beating notorious white supremacist David Duke to the title.


Not only did Ellison dine with Farrakhan, but he also posed for several pictures with the renowned anti-Semite, who he claimed he has no personal association with. Upon further investigation, it is evident that Ellison does in fact have a personal connection and fond admiration for Farrakhan. In 1995 while he was a law student at the University of Minnesota, Ellison helped organize buses from the Twin Cities for Farrakhan’s “Million Man March”.

With regards to his ties to other anti-Jewish and radical Islamic individuals who use their platforms to spew anti-American hatred, Ellison is also close friends with Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour. One month before Linda Sarsour called for Jihad (Islamic terrorism) to be carried out against President Trump, Ellison tweeted, “Silencing Linda Sarsour is wrong”. However, he was completely silent on the issue of whether or not it was wrong for Sarsour to call for Islamic terror to be carried out in the United States in an effort to defeat President Trump in June of 2017.

It is also worth noting that Sarsour, who once reportedly posed for a picture next to a Swastika, tweeted there is “nothing creepier than Zionism,” and has openly declared her support for implementing Sharia law in the United States, officially endorsed Ellison for DNC Chair. Most recently, Sarsour said Jewish people “should not be humanized”.



Linda Sarsour


.@keithellison this one is for YOU. 

Ellison’s Islamic faith is essential to understanding why he is using his position as Minnesota’s Attorney General to enforce Islamic blasphemy laws.

“I was driving on the highway in one of the major arteries in Detroit called Davidson and saw a sign that said ‘Muslim Center.’  I met the guys at the Davidson Muslim Center and they welcomed me in. After going there for a month, I took the Shahada, which is the first pillar of Islam, ‘There is no god but God, and Mohammed is his messenger,” Ellison told the Iran Times.

Attorney Generals are elected to uphold and enforce laws of the land. However, the letter sent on Ellison’s official letter head further reveals the dilemma that arises when devout Muslims seek political office in America, and begs the question…why is the CEO of YouTube working with Ellison, who clearly has a history of being tied to actual hateful individuals, to police “hate speech” online?

YouTube is full of videos from Islamic terrorist organizations and ANTIFA.  ANTIFA has been classified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a Left wing domestic terrorist organization,There are countless instances, many of which have been caught on camera, of ANTIFA members violently assaulting Trump supporters and journalists in public. In 2017, it was also revealed that the FBI has been investigating members of ANTIFA who they say have been traveling to the Middle East to train with ISIS in an effort to plan for the destruction of President Trump.

Despite being classified as a terrorist organization, Ellison once tweeted a picture of himself posing with the official ANTIFA handbook, saying, “At @MoonPalaceBooksand I just found the book that strike fear in the heart of @realDonaldTrump.”

Keith Ellison


At @MoonPalaceBooks and I just found the book that strike fear in the heart of @realDonaldTrump

Along with ANTIFA, it is unclear how many radical left wing groups Ellison is aiding as Minnesota Attorney General, but it is clear “Neighbors Together In Solidarity” has a direct line of contact with Ellison, who is helping them target and de-platform citizen journalists like Third Rail Talk.
Since sending the letter to Willis, who complained about Third Rail Talk’s video, Third Rail Talk was banned on Facebook for 30 days for a post about the Sri Lanka Easter Day terrorist attack.
“Free speech in Minnesota is being suppressed, and the authorities are using their positions of power to side with mosques that have known jihadi connections, while intimidating citizen journalists who report on their activities. I believe my Facebook ban was coordinated and I think we are being watched by Keith Ellison who is clearly upholding Silicon Valley Sharia,” said George Petroff, founder of Third Rail Talk.

The evidence is overwhelming. One thing is certain, and that is the fact that Keith Ellison is a danger to society. Evidence shows he is a supporter of Jihad, an enabler and supporter of anti-Semites such as Louis Farrakhan, Linda Sarsour, and Ilhan Omar, and now he is abusing his position as the first Muslim Attorney General to assist Left wing radicals in targeting Conservative journalists who are reporting on Dar Al Faroorq Islamic Center, which is an ISIS tied mosque. If Ellison would have taken his oath on the US Constitution, he would know that he has a duty to uphold US law, which includes the First Amendment. Instead, Ellison took his oath on the Quran, which explains why he is instead working to enforce Silicon Valley Sharia by providing Leftists with tools to report the peaceful speech of those who oppose Islamic terror.

Ellison’s office was contacted with a request for comment, but they refused to comment.

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Laura Loomer is a conservative investigative journalist and activist. Originally from Arizona, Laura began her career working as an undercover journalist for Project Veritas from 2015-2017. She covers politics, anti-Semitism, immigration, terrorism, the Islamification of the West, and voter fraud. Loomer’s investigations have been broadcasted on every major national mainstream media outlet in the United States, as well as many international publications.

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Jews are being slaughtered in Europe and there is a growing Exodus happening

May 20, 2019

And I wonder if THAT is not making some of these antisemites very happy


But lets ban knives because we know that the knives are evil and hate Jews.  Ban the knives, eat with ~~~~axes? swords? razors? hmmm maybe ban those too.  They are very hostile toward Jews and anyone that is not like the person holding them.


Sweden: Wife of senior Jewish leader stabbed 9 times in street by Muslim man; police not treating it as hate crime


A Jewish woman in her 60’s who is the wife of a senior leader of the local Helsingborg’s Jewish community–and its secretary–was randomly stabbed 9 times by a Muslim man who is “known to police”. Yet investigators are not treating the incident as a hate crime. That is absurd. “Israel’s Foreign Ministry said the stabbing appeared to have been anti-Semitic in nature. A leading rabbi echoed this sentiment.”

The rise of violent anti-semitism is so bad in Sweden that many Jews in that country have moved to Israel for sanctuary, ever since the flood of Muslim migrants have entered Sweden. Swedish authorities shield them from public scrutiny and criticism, so the problem escalates.

Ever since the surge of Muslim migrants into Europe, the incidents of violent anti-semitism have noticeably risen, a fact acknowledged even by the globalist German leader Angela Merkel.

“Suspect arrested in stabbing of Jewish woman in Sweden”, Israel National News, May 15, 2019:

Police in Denmark have arrested a man suspected in the stabbing attack on a Jewish woman in Sweden.

Swedish authorities had released a warrant for the man’s arrest Tuesday, after a Jewish woman was stabbed nine times in the city of Helsingborg, roughly 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) northwest of Malmo.

The victim, a woman in her 60s who is the wife of the leader of the local Jewish community, was on her way to work Tuesday morning when she was attacked.

The assailant stabbed the woman nine times, then fled the scene, eventually escaping to Denmark.

Authorities identified the suspect as a Muslim man known to local police.

On Wednesday, Danish police announced that the suspect had been taken into custody. He is expected to be extradited to Sweden for prosecution…..

Sweden: Wife of senior Jewish leader stabbed 9 times in street by Muslim man; police not treating it as hate crime

Obama Endorses Grandson of Terrorist for Congress in California -Campa-Najjar

May 19, 2019



Obama endorses Congressional candidate whose grandfather was a terrorist


Ammar Campa-Najjar is running for a Congressional seat in San Diego against the troubled Duncan Hunter. Campa-Najjar’s grandfather was a terrorist, and Hunter has allegedly broken a few laws himself, leaving San Diego in quite a sticky situation.

Ammar Campa-Najjar is squaring up against Duncan Hunter for a seat on the Congress and a major skeleton just fell out of Najjar’s closet. His grandfather, Yusuf al-Najjar, was literally a terrorist working for Fatah.

Members of Fatah were responsible for the 1972 Munich Olympics attack that left 11 athletes/coaches without life. Al-Najjar and his wife were killed in a 1973 raid that could have been a response to the attack on the Olympics.

The grandson and Congressional candidate in the 50th District of California, Campa-Najjar, wasn’t born until 1989.

Campa-Najjar did not ever meet his grandfather who was a terrorist, but it still makes room for concern.

Former President Barack Obama has endorsed  Campa-Najjar.

Campa-Najjar’s paternal grandfather was Muhammad Yusuf al-Najjar, head of the intelligence wing of Fatah, the political party founded by Palestinian political leader Yasser Arafat. Some Fatah members formed the Black September organization, a terrorist group that was responsible for a series of attacks against Israelis, including the 1972 killing of 11 athletes and coaches at the Munich Olympics.

Israel launched a series of responses to the Munich attack, including a 1973 commando raid in Beirut, Lebanon, where Yusuf al-Najjar and his wife were both killed.

Yusuf al-Najjar’s orphaned son, Yasser Najjar, moved to Egypt and later immigrated to eastern San Diego County where he met his wife, Abigail. The couple had Campa-Najjar in 1989, about 16 years after his biological grandfather was killed.

Ammar Campa-Najjar


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Ammar Campa-Najjar


As children, the world defined us by the parent we knew least.

As men, we found who we are in whose we are: Citizens of the United States. We belong to America., for helping me navigate my journey & giving me the destination itself — a role in your administration.

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Elizabeth Warren


We’re going to fight our hearts out for my new bill to . But there’s something you can do right now to fight back: chip in to help @ACampaNajjar beat indicted Rep. Duncan Hunter this November. 

Help Ammar Campa-Najjar Fight Back

Ammar’s fight for working families isn’t just campaign rhetoric – it’s a lifetime commitment to the people and country he loves. Make a contribution to help Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar beat Duncan…



FACT: @Rep_Hunter voted to take away health care from people with pre-existing conditions, like diabetes. for @ACampaNajjar & ! 

Campa-Najjar also had a job with Barack Obama, which is something that is surely notable.

In 2012, Ammar served as Deputy Regional Field Director for the president’s reelection campaign, where he helped oversee Southern California’s grassroots operations from a headquarters in San Diego. Ammar worked alongside thousands of people, who in the spirit of public service, volunteered their labor and love in advocacy of a common cause.

Campa-Najjar has the likes of MoveOn, Barack Obama, and Elizabeth Warren. Campa-Najjar has been heavily criticized for being backed by MoveOn because of George Soros supporting the group.

It looks like California is in a tough situation. They have one candidate who is technically related to a terrorist. They have another candidate who threw his wife under the proverbial bus as he got caught up in some indictments for his allegedly illegal actions.

It should be noted that Campa-Najjar has denounced his grandfather’s bad behavior and any alleged participation in crimes, as much as he’s calling out Duncan Hunter.

Now what?

Surprise! Coming to a STRIP MALL near YOU!!!!!

May 19, 2019



Brilliant! Jen Donates Discarded Desert Clothing Back To Migrant Shelter…

YUP!  You guessed it ILLEGALS are being taken to empty stores in and around the country to empty STORES in strip malls.  Someone is paying the rent.  Right?

Who is paying the mortgages?

NO more DONATIONS to the Salvation Army or Goodwill for me.  Voting with my wallet!!!!!

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