Obama should not be president – Israel is thrown under the bus by POTUS, AND the US is also case asunder by proxy

May 21, 2011
Jonathan Schanzer: Hamas & Fatah, posted with vodpod

Jonathan Schanzer of the Jewish Policy Institute addressed the Center for Security Policy’s National Security Group on Capitol Hill. He is the author of Hamas vs. Fatah.

Obama’s Abandonment of America

Posted by Caroline Glick on May 20th, 2011 and filed under Daily MailerFrontPage.

Reprinted from carolineglick.com.

I was out sick yesterday so I was unable to write today’s column for theJerusalem Post. I did manage to watch President Obama’s speech on the Middle East yesterday evening. And I didn’t want to wait until next week to discuss it. After all, who knows what he’ll do by Tuesday?

Before we get into what the speech means for Israel, it is important to consider what it means for America.

Quite simply, Obama’s speech represents the effective renunciation of the US’s right to have and to pursue national interests. Consequently, his speech imperils the real interests that the US has in the region – first and foremost, the US’s interest in securing its national security.

Obama’s renunciation of the US national interests unfolded as follows:

First, Obama mentioned a number of core US interests in the region. In his view these are: “Countering terrorism and stopping the spread of nuclear weapons; securing the free flow of commerce, and safe-guarding the security of the region; standing up for Israel’s security and pursuing Arab-Israeli peace.”

Then he said, “Yet we must acknowledge that a strategy based solely upon the narrow pursuit of these interests will not fill an empty stomach or allow someone to speak their mind.”

While this is true enough, Obama went on to say that the Arabs have good reason to hate the US and that it is up to the US to put its national interests aside in the interest of making them like America. As he put it, “a failure to change our approach threatens a deepening spiral of division between the United States and Muslim communities.”

And you know what that means. If the US doesn’t end the “spiral of division,” (sounds sort of like “spiral of violence” doesn’t it?), then the Muslims will come after America. So the US better straighten up and fly right.

And how does it do that? Well, by courting the Muslim Brotherhood which spawned Al Qaeda, Hamas, Jamma Islamiya and a number of other terror groups and is allies with Hezbollah.

How do we know this is Obama’s plan? Because right after he said that the US needs to end the “spiral of division,” he recalled his speech in Egypt in June 2009 when he spoke at the Brotherhood controlled Al Azhar University and made sure that Brotherhood members were in the audience in a direct diplomatic assault on US ally Hosni Mubarak.

And of course, intimations of Obama’s plan to woo and appease the jihadists appear throughout the speech. For instance:

“There will be times when our short term interests do not align perfectly with our long term vision of the region.”

So US short term interests, like for instance preventing terrorist attacks against itself or its interests, will have to be sacrificed for the greater good of bringing the Muslim Brotherhood to power in democratic elections.

And he also said that the US will “support the governments that will be elected later this year” in Egypt and Tunisia. But why would the US support governments controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood? They are poised to control the elected government in Egypt and are the ticket to beat in Tunisia as well.

Then there is the way Obama abandoned US allies Yemen and Bahrain in order to show the US’s lack of hypocrisy. As he presented it, the US will not demand from its enemies Syria and Iran that which it doesn’t demand from its friends.

While this sounds fair, it is anything but fair. The fact is that if you don’t distinguish between your allies and your enemies then you betray your allies and side with your enemies. Bahrain and Yemen need US support to survive. Iran and Syria do not. So when he removes US support from the former, his action redounds to the direct benefit of the latter.

P Photo/US Navy, Kurt Eischen The USS New Orleans makes its way down the Mississippi River on March 5, 2007. The U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet says two of its vessels -- a submarine, the USS Hartford and an amphibious ship, the USS New Orleans -- collided in the Strait of Hormuz between Iran and the Arabian peninsula early Friday.

Beyond his abandonment of Bahrain and Yemen, in claiming that the US mustn’t distinguish between its allies and its foes, Obama made clear that he has renounced the US’s right to have and pursue national interests. If you can’t favor your allies against your enemies then you cannot defend your national interests. And if you cannot defend your national interests then you renounce your right to have them.

As for Iran, in his speech, Obama effectively abandoned the pursuit of the US’s core interest of preventing nuclear proliferation. All he had to say about Iran’s openly genocidal nuclear program is, “Our opposition to Iran’s intolerance – as well as its illicit nuclear program, and its sponsorship of terror – is well known.”

Well so is my opposition to all of that, and so is yours. But unlike us, Obama is supposed to do something about it. And by putting the gravest threat the US presently faces from the Middle East in the passive voice, he made clear that actually, the US isn’t going to do anything about it.

May 11, 2011

Palestinian State in September? Hamas Says No Way



Palestinian Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar walks on an Israeli flag while taking part in a rally to mark the upcoming 23rd anniversary since the group's foundation, in Gaza city, Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010. The arabic text reads: "For sure will be destroyed. Israel". AP Photo.

Gaza rulers say September most likely too soon to declare Palestinian independence, as too many questions pertaining to state’s viability remain unanswered

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar said Wednesday that the Islamist movement was somewhat skeptical as to the viability of Fatah’s September-bound bid for statehood.

Speaking with the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency, al-Zahar said that “all the talk of a Palestinian state is… an attempt to pacify us.”

He further wondered as to the nature of the Palestinian state, should it be declared in several months’ time: “Where is the land for this state? Are those living in the West Bank and Gaza to be its citizens? What will be the fate of the five million Palestinians in the diaspora? Are we to give up the right of return?”

He also said that anyone who thinks that a Palestinian state would be accepted by the international community without it recognizing Israel first, “does not understand the (political) landscape.”

Hamas, he said, is willing to accept a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders, but will maintain its refusal to recognize Israel, since a formal recognition of Israel would “cancel the right of the next generations to liberate the lands.”

Read more at YNet.

Palestinians never miss an opportunity.

In short, every American who is concerned about the security of the United States should be livid. The US President just abandoned his responsibility to defend the country and its interests in the interest of coddling the US’s worst enemies.

AS FOR ISRAEL, in a way, Obama did Israel a favor by giving this speech. By abandoning even a semblance of friendliness, he has told us that we have nothing whatsoever to gain by trying to make him like us. Obama didn’t even say that he would oppose the Palestinians’ plan to get the UN Security Council to pass a resolution in support for Palestinian independence. All he said was that it is a dumb idea.

Obama sided with Hamas against Israel by acting as though its partnership with Fatah is just a little problem that has to be sorted out to reassure the paranoid Jews. Or as he put it, “the recent announcement of an agreement between Fatah and Hamas raises profound and legitimate questions for Israel.”

Hamas is a jihadist movement dedicated to the annihilation of the Jewish people, and the establishment of a global caliphate. It’s in their charter. And all Obama said of the movement that has now taken over the Palestinian Authority was, “Palestinian leaders will not achieve peace or prosperity if Hamas insists on a path of terror and rejection.”

Irrelevant and untrue.

It is irrelevant because obviously the Palestinians don’t want peace. That’s why they just formed a government dedicated to Israel’s destruction.

As for being untrue, Obama’s speech makes clear that they have no reason to fear a loss of prosperity. After all, by failing to mention that US law bars the US government from funding an entity which includes Hamas, he made clear that the US will continue to bankroll the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority. So too, the EU will continue to join the US in giving them billions for bombs and patronage jobs. The Palestinians have nothing to worry about. They will continue to be rewarded regardless of what they do.

Then of course there are all the hostile, hateful details of the speech:

He said Israel has to concede its right to defensible borders as a precondition for negotiations;

He didn’t say he opposes the Palestinian demand for open immigration of millions of foreign Arabs into Israel;

He again ignored Bush’s 2004 letter to Sharon opposing a return to the 1949 armistice lines, supporting the large settlements, defensible borders and opposing mass Arab immigration into Israel;

He said he was leaving Jerusalem out but actually brought it in by calling for an Israeli retreat to the 1949 lines;

He called for Israel to be cut in two when he called for the Palestinians state to be contiguous;

He called for Israel to withdraw from the Jordan Valley – without which it is powerless against invasion – by saying that the Palestinian State will have an international border with Jordan.

Conceptually and substantively, Obama abandoned the US alliance with Israel. The rest of his words – security arrangements, demilitarized Palestinian state and the rest of it – were nothing more than filler to please empty-headed liberal Jews in America so they can feel comfortable signing checks for him again.

Indeed, even his seemingly pro-Israel call for security arrangements in a final peace deal involved sticking it to Israel. Obama said, “The full and phased withdrawal of Israeli military forces should be coordinated with the assumption of Palestinian security responsibility in a sovereign, non-militarized state.”

What does that mean “with the assumption of Palestinian security responsibility?”

It means we have to assume everything will be terrific.

All of this means is that if Prime Minister Netanyahu was planning to be nice to Obama, and pretend that everything is terrific with the administration, he should just forget about it. He needn’t attack Obama. Let the Republicans do that.

But both in his speech to AIPAC and his address to Congress, he should very forthrightly tell the truth about the nature of the populist movements in the Middle East, the danger of a nuclear Iran, the Palestinians’ commitment to Israel’s destruction; the lie of the so-called peace process; the importance of standing by allies; and the critical importance of a strong Israel to US national security.

He has nothing to gain and everything to lose by playing by the rules that Obama is trying to set for him.


The Suicide of the WEST part 2- Main Stream Media’s “Al Jazeera” and the Government support of the Global Jihad -Kincaid, Kenney, and Timmons, clear the confusion.

April 8, 2011




Cliff Kincaid & Charles Ortel on ” Al-Jazeera, …, posted with vodpod






The Suicide of the WEST – Main Stream Media’s “Al Jazeera” and the Government support of the Global Jihad -Kincaid, Kenney, and Timmons, clear the confusion.

April 8, 2011
Kincaid, Kenney &Timmons on ” Al-Jazeera, Globa…, posted with vodpod

Caroline Glick: The Way Forward for Israel – Strong, courageous, morally clear, and articulate – She reminds me of Golda Meir

April 7, 2011

Golda Meir

Now THATS a woman!


Caroline Glick: The Way Forward for Israel, posted with vodpod

Jihad – A new message for the MUSLIM world.

March 27, 2011

Tell them that Jihad is not supposed to be violent.

Before you finish your sentence they’ll cut your tongue out

Abdullah Azzam Jihad And Palestine ENGLISH


UN – Bows to the Muslim world. Global governance council now a dhimmi of the OIC

A Muslim Battle Plan Against Free Speech (Jihad Watch)

March 27, 2011

HAT TIP- Bare Naked Islam

A Muslim Battle Plan Against Free Speech (Jihad…, posted with vodpod

Egypt – Democracy is defined by freedom to impose a tyrannic theocracy

March 20, 2011


Freedom to create a Tyranny is NOT the definition of Democracy.

The Egyptian people use this word and their definition is that of an ignorant child that only has a very cursory understanding of the language.  The masses look to their “EDUCATED” children (children – being anyone under 40 years old) because they have had schooling and the older population is either dead or uneducated and therefore have no voice.  These children, educated as they maybe, have only a limited understanding of WESTERN government.  This can be compared to the WESTERN child that learns of the theocratic government and believes that he UNDERSTANDS the life inside that government.  They don’t.

Yet, the case is being made that the ME is fighting for “freedom” and “democracy.”  This case is only really being made in the WEST.  The only thing that Egyptians and the rest of the ME “people” understand is that “democracy” will somehow free them from the current ruler or rulers that they detest.  Most are under 60 years old, and the governing parties that they currently have are ALL that they know.  So, anything is better right?  Maybe…..


The ME, can become Sudan.  The Ivory Coast is now experiencing the birthing pains of this transition.

Sudan – South secedes from the North – Creating a new Shariah, Islamic Caliphate in the North




Ivory coast



FREEDOM?  REALLY?  DEMOCRACY?  I pray that it doesn’t turn into the blood bath that we saw in the Sudan.  The rivers ran red with the blood of innocent women and children.

Egypt votes freely for first time in half-century

Copyright 2011 Houston Chronicle
March 20, 2011, 12:30AM

CAIRO — Millions of Egyptians voted freely on Sunday for the first time in more than half a century, joyfully waiting for hours to cast their ballots on a package of constitutional changes eliminating much-hated restrictions on political rights and civil liberties.

Young people traded mobile-phone pictures of ink-stained fingers that showed they voted. Others called relatives to boast of casting the first vote of their lives. In the well-off Cairo neighborhood of Maadi, a man hoisted his elderly, infirm father on his shoulder and carried him to a polling station.

“My vote today will make a difference. It’s as simple as that,” said first-time voter Hossam Bishay, 48.

The first test of Egypt’s transition to democracy offered ominous hints of widening sectarian division, however.

Many were drawn to the polls in a massive, last-minute effort by the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist group that is Egypt’s largest and most coherent political organization after the widely despised National Democratic Party of former President Hosni Mubarak, who was ousted last month in a national popular uprising.

Among other changes, the constitutional amendments would open elections to independent candidates, allowing parliamentary and presidential elections to replace the caretaker military government by early 2012.

Critics say that would allow the Brotherhood and NDP to easily outpoll the dozens of political groups born out of the anti-Mubarak uprising, dividing power between former regime loyalists and supporters of a fundamentalist state – a nightmare scenario for both Western powers and many inside Egypt.

Among those most fearful of the Brotherhood’s rising power are Egypt’s estimated 8 million Coptic Christians, whose leaders rallied the faithful to vote “no.”

Egypt – Muslims take opportunity to kick the Christians out of their Churches---Egyptian Coptic Christians demonstrate outside the state radio and television building in Cairo on March 8, 2011 AFP / Getty Image


“If the Brotherhood comes to power, they will not benefit anyone, Muslims or Christians,” Fawziya Lamie, a 39-year-old Christian nanny, said after casting her “no” vote in the Cairo district of Manial.

“The disgusting Jews are getting ready, and they let their little children do many disgusting things, so that they will hate Islam, and kill all our Muslim brothers there. “My advice to you is to place Jerusalem inside our hearts, learn and be smart. When we take exams, we must kill ourselves memorizing. We must do well and be very good Muslims, so we can use our knowledge to liberate Jerusalem. [...]“]


The NDP is blamed for the rampant corruption and the fraud that marred every election during Mubarak’s 29-year rule, and its members have been accused of attempting to disrupt Egypt’s transition to democracy for fear of losing further power.

Reform campaigner Mohamed ElBaradei and a group of his supporters were pelted with rocks, bottles and cans outside a polling center at Cairo’s Mokattam district in an attack he blamed on followers of the old regime.

The day was otherwise almost entirely peaceful. The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement said it expected the turnout to reach 50 percent, more than three times the average level in the rigged elections under Mubarak.

Hundreds of Egyptians formed lines outside polling centers before they opened. They snaked along the streets in Cairo and other cities, with men and women standing in separate lines as is customary in the conservative and mainly Muslim nation.

“This is a historic day for Egypt,” Deputy Prime Minister Yahya al-Gamal said after casting his vote in Cairo. “I had never seen such large numbers of voters in Egypt. Finally, the people of Egypt have come to realize that their vote counts.”

Saturday’s vote was by far the freest since the military seized power in a 1952 coup, toppling the monarchy and ending decades of a multiparty system that functioned while Britain was Egypt’s colonial master. Only men with military backgrounds have ruled Egypt since.

While Mubarak’s overthrow has left Egyptians euphoric about their newfound freedoms, many are also worried about the social tensions and instability that could spiral in the wake of the autocratic leader’s departure.

Christian-Muslim clashes this month left at least 13 killed and more than 100 wounded in the worst sectarian clashes in years. On Jan. 1, a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a church in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, killing at least 22 worshippers and wounding scores. A few days later, a policeman shot dead an elderly Christian man on a train.

The Brotherhood, which has strongly campaigned for the adoption of the changes, advocates the installment of an Islamic government in Egypt. The ambivalence of its position on what role women and minority Christians play under their hoped-for Islamic government – like whether they could run for president or be judges – worry large segments of society.

In the province of Luxor, thousands of Brotherhood supporters and Salafis, zealous adherents to practices from Islam’s early days, held separate demonstrations in the city center to campaign for a “yes” vote.

Churches handed out fliers to worshippers calling on them to vote “no.”

To the north in the province of Assiut, home to one of the country’s largest Christian communities, priests organized buses to ferry worshippers from churches to polling centers to cast their “no” vote. Islamists using loudspeakers in pickup trucks roaming Assiut’s streets were calling on voters to cast “yes” ballots.

“The voice of freedom, truth and power is the voice of The Muslim Brotherhood,” said one bearded Islamist. “No voice is louder than the voice of Islam.”

“Marking your ballot with a ‘yes’ is a religious duty,” said another.

“What worries me is that this is going to be a rehearsal for the upcoming parliamentary elections, playing with not only religion but the country’s democratic future,” said Sameh Fawzy, a Christian commentator. “This is very dangerous.”


Egypt – Al-Qaeda’s – splinter group of Muslim Brotherhood support the Brotherhoods proposal of a Supreme Ulama Council – Islam doesn’t recognize “states” or borders.



Hossam Tamam, an expert on religious groups, said the polarization over the amendments has taken sectarian overtones, with the “yes” vote associated with Muslims and the “no” with Christians.

“The Brotherhood’s discourse included intimidation, pressure and exploitation of ordinary Egyptians,” he said. “In response, we have seen a sectarian polarization with all Christians voting ‘no,’ emboldening the Islamists to label the ‘no’ vote a Christian choice.”

Voters were asked to choose ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for the whole package of nine changes, which would also impose presidential term limits and curtail 30-year-old emergency laws that give police near-unlimited powers.

Preliminary results will be announced Sunday.

The attack on ElBaradei, the former head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency, forced him to flee in an SUV without casting his ballot. The crowd also smashed the car windows and shouted, “You traitor. We don’t want you.” ElBaradei supporters at the scene countered by chanting”we want you.”

The Nobel laureate later tweeted that “organized thugs” were to blame for the attack. In a second Twitter posting, he said Mubarak regime figures were seeking to undermine the revolution, a reference to the Jan. 25-Feb. 11 uprising.

More than half of Egypt’s 80 million people are eligible voters. The military, in a bid to get the vote out, has decreed that they would be allowed to cast ballots at any polling center in the country with their national ID cards the only required proof of identity. They were required to dip their index finger in ink after voting to prevent multiple balloting.




 Muslim brotherhood

EGYPT – Muslim Brotherhood says that no Christians or women would run for President and they will be “creating a “Supreme Ulama Council” – a body of religious figures who would review executive decisions to ensure they comply with Islamic law.”




The constitutional amendments were drawn up by a panel of military-appointed legal scholars and intended to bring just enough change to the current constitution – which was adopted in 1971 and suspended by the military after it came to power – to ensure that upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections are free and fair.


NPR’s Betsy Liley Admits Birther Coverup

March 12, 2011

NPR’s Betsy Liley Admits Birther Coverup, posted with vodpod


Egypt – Muslims burn churches 11 Christians dead – Is this what they call Democracy?

March 9, 2011


The Muslims Brotherhood and friends (Globalists who want to create chaos) are behind all these “social uprising”

The reason that they are able to synchronize this, I believe, is because Islam knows NO borders.  These states have been separate but really they were not.  They were separate but only in name.  The sects that they belong to are the REAL quarrels going on.  They feed on each others victories.  Islam is, at it’s core Conquest and Submission, and they will fight amongst themselves because Islam doesn’t give them any other STATE of being.  Islam can’t be without it.  It wouldn’t be Islam.


Islam’s definition of Democracy is the infantile wants and needs of being the center and if it can’t be the Doctrine, then it’s not Democracy.  They are the toddlers pitching a fit, saying it’s not fair that they can’t be the TYRANTS lording over their people.

Muslim-Christian clashes in Cairo leave 11 dead

Violence breaks out in Egyptian capital during protest against burning of church


Muslim-Christian clashes in Cairo

An armoured vehicle patrols after clashes between Muslims and Christians in Cairo. Photograph: Khaled Ali/AFP/Getty Image




Clashes between Muslims and Christians in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, have left 11 people dead and more than 90 wounded.

The clashes broke out on Tuesday night as thousands of Christians protested against the burning of a Cairo church last week. The church was set on fire after tensions escalated over a love affair between a Muslim and a Christian that set off a violent feud between the couple’s families.

Security and hospital officials said six Christians and five Muslims died from gunshot wounds and 94 people – 73 Muslims and 21 Christians – were wounded.

Christian protesters blocked a highway, burning tyres and pelting cars with rocks. The two sides fought pitched battles for about four hours.

The 18-day uprising that toppled the president, Hosni Mubarak, on 11 February has left a security vacuum. Police pulled out of Cairo and several other cities three days into the uprising and have yet to fully take back the streets.


Mubarak handed power to the military when he stepped down, but it does not have enough troops to police every street in Cairo.

On New Year’s Day, a suicide bombing outside a Coptic church in the port city of Alexandria killed 21 people, setting off days of protests. An off-duty policeman boarded a train on 11 January and shot dead a 71-year-old Christian man, wounding his wife and four others.

Egypt‘s ruling generals pledged last week to rebuild the burned church. The country’s new prime minister, Essam Sharaf, has met Christian protesters in central Cairo to reassure them they would not face discrimination from his interim government.

However, at least 2,000 Christians joined the protest on Tuesday and a separate crowd of several hundred has been camping out outside the TV building for days to voice their anger at what they perceive to be official discrimination against them.


NPR EXPOSED – O’Keefe, the real deal in INVESTIGATIVE journalism – PBS, next?

March 9, 2011
NPR EXPOSED by O’Keefe Sting – try deal w Musli…, posted with vodpod

O’Keefe: More Controversial NPR Videos to Come

Tuesday, 08 Mar 2011 06:30 PM
Article Font Size  

By David A. Patten

There’s more video where that came from, says James O’Keefe, the muckraking activist behind TheProjectVeritas.org. The controversial video-sting impresario tells Newsmax that he’s prepared to release yet more embarrassing revelations about NPR, but first he wants to gauge NPR’s reaction to the bomb he dropped Tuesday.

In an exclusive Newsmax interview, O’Keefe says he’s waiting to see whether NPR comes clean “about what is going on” before he doles out more video.

On Tuesday morning, O’Keefe released undercover video showing a top NPR executive, Ron Schiller, making disparaging comments about a broad swath of Americana, including Christians, Jews, evangelicals, Republicans, and tea party members.

Embattled NPR, which faces a tea-party led push to yank its taxpayer funding, quickly responded with a statement that it was “appalled” at Schiller’s statements. Schiller, who was NPR’s chief fundraiser, was president of the NPR Foundation and development vice president for NPR, at the time the surreptitious video was recorded in February.

“We’re not done releasing footage,” O’Keefe told Newsmax in an exclusive interview Tuesday. “We have more investigative material that we’re going to release.

“I’m not really going to comment on it yet, but I think it will be very interesting to see what happens with this story as it develops,” he promised.

News that O’Keefe is sitting on additional revelations could hardly be welcome at NPR, the publicly subsidized news and information outlet that is already under fire from conservatives in Congress who want to eliminate its funding, in part because of its perceived liberal bias.

According to NPR, which receives about $90 million in taxpayer funding a year, Schiller announced last week that he was leaving NPR to join the Aspen Institute, a seminar and think-tank closer to his Colorado home.

In the video, Schiller is seen at a luncheon meeting in Georgetown with prospective NPR donors who claim to represent a pro-shariah group called the Muslim Education Action Center. The prospective donors, who say they have $5 million to disburse, are actually grass-roots activists O’Keefe trained.

 CEO of NPR Vivian Schiller announced her resignation on Wednesday. The videotape shows Schiller telling his prospects that the the grass-roots conservative tea party organizations have “hijacked” the Republican party. He states that the new GOP elements are “not just Islamaphobic, but really xenophobic, I mean basically they are, they believe in sort of white, middle-America gun-toting — I mean, it’s scary. They’re seriously racist, racist people.”

<Viv Schiller resigns – I guess she’s had enough.  The Communist that she is has been exposed so now it’s time to run for cover — Everyone remembers Juan Williams, but what was not too much in the news was VIV’s history.  —->

Juan William – Did Vivian Schiller’s remarks about Juan needing to talk to his Psychiatrist violate some law? MAYBE. PRIVACY LAWS>

Schiller’s potential patrons state outright on their faux Web site that they support the spread of extremist shariah law. They also are heard telling Schiller that their organization has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, an extremist group that has been linked to terrorism.

In the video, Schiller also defended NPR’s decision to terminate its association with commentator and columnist Juan Williams over comments Williams made on Fox News last year. Williams discussed his uneasiness about flying with people wearing traditional Muslim garb. Schiller said Williams had “lost all credibility.”

Conservatives widely interpreted that firing as an example of NPR’s left-wing bias, and cited it as a case of political correctness run amok.

“What NPR did I’m very proud of,” Schiller says.

NPR’s CEO later said after the firing that the matter was mishandled. “I deeply regret the way I handled it and explained it,” she said at the time.

Another NPR fundraiser, Institutional Giving Director Betsy Liley, also attended the Feb. 22 meal where Schiller made those remarks. She appears to compare America’s treatment of Muslims in the years since 9/11 with the internment of Japanese Americans in camps during WWII.


<Like NPR, PBS Met With Fictional Donors


NPR was not the only media organization duped by the Republican provocateur James O’Keefe.

PBS confirmed Wednesday that like NPR, one of its executives attended a lunch with people who posed as members of the Muslim Education Action Center Trust, a fictional group. When those people had lunch with NPR executives, they falsely claimed that they wanted to donate up to $5 million to public media. The NPR executives were secretly videotaped at the lunch.

Anne Bentley, a PBS spokeswoman, said PBS’ senior vice president for development, Brian Reddington, attended a lunch with the fake donors in February. She said she had “no sense at all” of whether Mr. Reddington was taped during that lunch; when asked if PBS was concerned about a possible tape surfacing, she declined to comment.

Ms. Bentley said that Mr. Reddington came back from the lunch with “profound concerns about the organization” and began what she called a routine vetting process “when there is an appearance of a conflict of interest and to ensure they meet requirements of transparency and openness.”

“Attempts to confirm the credentials of the organization proved unsatisfactory and communication was halted by PBS,” she said.





“These are senior level executives,” O’Keefe says. “So I find it ironic that he’s spending time telling us, ‘Juan Williams lost all credibility when he expressed his opinion.’

“What about the guy who runs all of NPR’s development, and who is like Number 2 or Number 3 at NPR, what about when he calls 30 percent of the country racist, and Islamaphobic, and gun-toting, and crazy?” O’Keefe said.

“I mean, it seems to me that they’re in trouble because he’s simultaneously advocating you lose all credibility to express his opinion, and here he is expressing his opinion,” O’Keefe told Newsmax.

Asked to elaborate on the additional revelations he plans, O’Keefe confirmed the additional disclosures involve NPR, but would not say whether they stem from the same meeting involving Schiller and Liley.

“But stay tuned, and you’ll see,” he told Newsmax. “I want to see if NPR tells the truth about what is going on. I want to see how they tell the truth, and then we’re going to release more information. So we’ll see what happens.”

It’s not the first time O’Keefe has found himself at the center of a controversy related to undercover video. His secret video recordings of conversations with various chapters of the ACORN community-organizing groups directly contributed to the group being stripped of its federal funding.

© Newsmax. All rights reserved.

Read more on Newsmax.com: O’Keefe: More Controversial NPR Videos to Come
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